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India, a journey through spirituality and traditions

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Here is the report that tells the extraordinary wonders and contradictions
Here is the report that tells the extraordinary wonders and contradictions  Bild: Giorgio Esposito

EN [ENA] The country ranked fifth world economic power, now has almost 1.5 billion citizens. Here is the report that tells the extraordinary wonders and contradictions. A trip to India is one of the most touching that can be undertaken. It is a choice that must be made carefully, both for the emotions ...

Lying in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the most contradictory country in the whole world has its roots. In fact, India represents a territory where modernity and testimonies of the past coexist perfectly together with immense white beaches and coasts, high peaks of the Himalayas, tropical forests, deserts, and then suggestive temples and palaces. But also extreme poverty collected in the thousands of fetid shanty towns that host a good part of the billion and three hundred million Indians. An immense nation, one of the most popular tourist destinations ever, with 10 million annual tourists (especially Americans, British and Germans) who move from the sunny beaches of Goa to the frenetic bazaars of Mumbai to the legendary Taj Mahal.

India has three climatic seasons : the hot and muggy summer from April to June, the monsoon season from June to September and the sunny winter from November to March. The best time for a complete tour of India is between October and March. The Indian summer begins around April and is unbearable, with temperatures of 40 ° C and very high humidity with unbreathable air. The monsoons begin to show up in June and last until September in the south western area, while they continue from October until December in the south eastern part. In the north and in the Himalaya area, the winters are cold and snowy, while the summers are cool. In the regions of the far south, the most pleasant season is from October to March.

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